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Software for the Apple Macintosh
Note: this page is not yet finished, more applications will be added in the next days.
All application are freeware but, if you like, you may donate via PayPal.
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BiorhythmX v3.4
Biorhythms are a method to predict three cycles in your life based on your birthday.

These cycles are the physical (23 days), emotional (28 days) and intellectual (33 days) cycle.

Each of these cycles goes through different phases: high, low and critical.

Some features:
Takes the birthdates from your AddressBook
Write and read personal list (names and birth date)
Import data stored from Biorhythm v.1.8x
Print biorhythm graphs

New in version 3.3
added the days of life
corrected a bug in the date calculation

Download: BiorhythmX
getWANip v1.2
getWANip is a GUI for the Terminal command '/usr/bin/curl http://checkip.dyndns.org/' used to read and display the current external IP number (WAN).

Download: getWANip
iResize v3.2.6
iResize can resize, compress and save as JPEG the image files GIF, JPEG, PICT, PNG, TIFF and PSD files.
Here are some key features of iResize:

  • New and streamlined interface

  • Easy and fast

  • Check before resizing with the new JPEG compression/quality preview

  • Rename and sequential numbering of the resized images, and/or

  • Add some text (example: -small) at the end of the file name

  • Handles accented characters (,, etc.) in the file names

  • Rotation of images in 90 steps

  • Reading of the EXIF data

  • Localized in italian, french and english

  • Control for the brightness of the resized images

New in version 3.2.3

  • Spanish translation

Download: iResize
bigCalc v2.5
bigCalc is a very simple calculator but with a very big display and buttons.

New in version 2.4
added the ability to switch the layout (calculator's button at left or right)

New in version 2.5
corrected an issue occuring when resizing the calc window.

Download: bigCalc
iTunesXMLparser v1.3
Parse the iTunes XML library

Use this application to parse an iTunes XML exported library file and export the records as a text file (tab delimited).
Text file (tab delimited) are ready to be inported in FileMaker and in any other database or spreadsheet application.

  • option to select the fields to export

  • export all or just one record per CD

Version 1.3 updated for compatibility with iTunes 10

Download: iTunesXMLparser
FTPUploader v1.0
Simple and easy application to upload a file to a FTP server

Download: FTPUploader
iGallery v1.6.3
iGallery is a quick and easy web photo gallery creator. Known types are jpg, gif, tif and psd.

Preferences for:
image and thumb size
layout colors anf fonts (with style sheet)
slide show timing
jpeg compression (image quality)
image rotation in 90 steps
drag & drop of images or folder onto the app
tool to fix JPEG's macType and Creator
ability to save a reference file with all the infos for the gallery, handy for future rework of the gallery

Download: iGallery
myTimer v1.1
myTimerX is a simple timer.

Too often, when I'm working on my Mac, I forget to do something. For that reason I wrote for my own use this little application and I like to share it.

Download: myTimer
iMount v1.3
iMount is a simple GUI for the 'diskutil' command, it allows you to mount/unmount hard drives or partitions without using the Terminal.

Added some preferences
Now displays mounted volumes in bold and in italic the non mounted
Re-compiled for compatibility with Snow Leopard

Download: iMount
WebPM 2 v2.3
Web Passwords Manager

webPM2 can store frequently used URLs along with user names and passwords.

Features include:

  • Manage up to 512 addresses

  • Just one click to open the stored URL with the password or the user name in the clipboard ready to paste

Download: WebPM 2
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